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TURBINES OVERHAULING TURBOMED is able to provide overhauling and turbocharger repair services on board or in our engineering workshop, within a shorter time than a local workshop. It can also meet the requirements of even the tightest schedules of the container ships. During the overhauling, the following take place: Disassembling of the turbocharger. Cleaning of all [...]


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TURBINES RETROFIT The Retrofit includes the research and study for the upgrading-conversion or/and replacement of old types of turbochargers with new ones, of more modern technology, aiming at the best performance of the engine. The goal of supercharging an engine is to increase its power. Despite the differences between propulsion and generator systems, the purpose is similar: [...]


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TURBINE DYNAMIC BALANCING The rotation of a body creates centrifugal forces at each component of its mass. The forces that are applied are radial and perpendicular to the axis of rotation. If the mass distribution of the body is symmetrical around the rotation axis, then the resultant of the centrifugal forces of the differential masses [...]


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TURBINES PRODUCTION – MANUFACTURING The engineering workshop of TURBOMED is equipped with an advanced technology mechanical and designing equipment and is able to manufacture high quality turbomachinery. Given the fact that our technical staff works in accordance with strict manufacturing standards, we are able to undertake and complete manufacturing projects of a high difficulty degree, [...]


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TURBINE SPARE PARTS STOCK Our company has a very large well-arranged series of spare parts, for all types of turbochargers, and is able to respond promptly to every demand for spare parts. Spare parts made by various manufacturers are readily available for shipment, to any place in the world. In most cases, their shipment takes [...]